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Original handmade acrylic painting of the waters of Chris' Cove, Santa Cruz, CA.


About the painting - 


Original acrylic painting of the waters of Chris's Cove, Santa Cruz in California. The painting captures the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean when viewed from the top. Each of my paintings is unique and inspired by the places I visit. I have used several layers of acrylic paint to bring the shore to life. This painting is on a high quality cotton canvas. It took me one week to finish. Once dry, I added an isolation coat and varnish over it. The varnish protects the painting from dust and UV rays.


Size - 

The round canvas is 20 inches in diameter. 


Packaging - 

The painting is ready to ship. I take great care and caution during shipping. 


If you have any more questions, feel free to message me.

Waters of Chris' Cove (20 inch round)

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