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Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, CA


About the painting - 

Original acrylic painting of the Golden Gate Bridge in California. Standing tall at 746 feet, it's an epitome of strength and resilience. The bridge stands tall and bright amidst the warm glow of the sky and the glistering water of Baker Beach. The warmth of the sky is reflected in the water and on the eroded rocks. The eroded rocks are a glimpse of the many storms the bridge has probably withstood and still remains unfaltering.


The painting has many fine details and is painted with a lot of precision. The sides of the gallery wrapped canvas have been painted. My paintings are inspired by the places I visit. I have worked on this painting for a month.


Size - 

The canvas size is 30 inches (height) x40 inches (width) and the depth is 1.5 inches.


Packaging - 

The painting is ready to ship. I take great care and caution during shipping. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.

Email me at 

Golden Gate Bridge (30 x 40)

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