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"Foot prints"


About the painting - 


This is a painting of a wave crashing on the shore at Mori Point, Pacifica and engraved in the sand are foot prints. The canvas used is a high quality 3 dimensional cotton convexo canvas.


My paintings are inspired by the places I visit. I have used several layers of acrylic paint to bring the beach to life. Once dry, I added an isolation coat and varnish over it. The varnish protects the painting from dust and UV rays. 


Size - 

The round canvas is 16 inches in diameter. 


Packaging - 

The painting is ready to ship. I take great care and caution during shipping. I use special art safe boxes and multiple layers of padding for safe delivery of my paintings.


If you have any more questions, feel free to message me.

Foot prints at Mori Point, Pacifica

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